≈ Nicole Hansen - Artist / Owner ≈

Land and seascape artwork inspired by local deserts and coastlines.
Handmade cards made with scrap materials & homegrown pressed flowers, perfect for any occasion.
Dried flower wreaths and arrangements available at pop ups and via special orders.


Artisan Festivals

In person shows at various locations..

Throughout the year, I like to pop up a 10x10 tent at shows to display my artwork, cards, and other handmade items. 

Dates and locations vary, but can always be found on my Instagram account:


If you are local to Orange County, CA, stop by and say hello. 

Juried shows include:

  • Piecemakers - Costa Mesa, 2021

  • Sunset Beach Art Festival - Sunset Beach, 2022

  • Patchwork Show - Long Beach, 2022

  • Seal Beach Art Festival - Seal Beach, *September 2022 

  • Piecemakers - Costa Mesa, *December 2022

Scrap Materials

Repurposed Textiles & Up-cycled Frames 

All artwork is created using scrap pieces of leather & suede that have been cast off from larger projects like handbags or wallets, for example.  

These scraps would normally end up in a landfill, never knowing their true beauty.

Every piece is then finished with a thrifted frame, keeping with the up-cycled theme. 

IMG_6649 2_edited.jpg

Pressed Flowers

Homegrown pressed flowers

Thanks to an abundant hydroponic tower garden, there's always an endless supply of beautiful flowers.

Clipped, pressed, and stitched to quality Italian paper to create blank cards.

Practice the ancient art of handwritten notes with these unique cards. 

Custom Orders

Custom orders are always welcome.

Feel free to send your design idea/request to the following email:


Response time is 24 hours. 

**Examples of custom orders can be found on my about/portfolio page

Cutting Fabric

Follow on IG for pop up show info